10 key features for a good business website

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10 key features for a good business Website :

A logical roadmap of business website

A business website should be aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly it is useful and usable. Before you select your server or even type an HTML tag, You need to determine how your business website is going to work. This is very important for both user and SEO. A search engine like Google considers both content and structure when ranking a site.

So identify the site map and its outline (what the designers call wireframing) and share it with your friends and colleagues to make sure others are also in touch with its design and logic.Surely if your friends and co-workers interact with it and understand its logic, Google’s visitors and robots will understand it too.

Key Business Information

The biggest reason for businesses failing to choose the right site is to build the site they want, not necessarily what they need.For example, for a restaurant’s website, the restaurant manager wants the music on his website to be very detailed and engaging, but pay attention to key things like “food menu” and “address and phone” and ” How to access from different routes “.

When you state your goals and missions on your website you should minimize the text, and you should write things that people can easily understand and remember. Nowadays, all of us are bored and can’t stand a long text.

10 key features for a good business website
10 key features for a good business website

Depending on your business, you need to have information on your business website that is real. For example, if you have a restaurant you should include the menu, address and location map of your restaurant, or if you are a retailer,You should put a real photo of your products on the business website. If you do a service job, your customer reviews should be genuine on the site.

For example, a web designer should post a few photos and links to his latest work, or a hairdresser showcase their clients’ views on hairdressing skills.

So build your site from the information that people are looking for.

Contacts us

The most important part of a business website is a business and it has its own section. How many times have you come to a site and thought to yourself, “How difficult is it to get in touch with this company?”Make sure you have a simple phone number, an email address, and a simple contact form. There’s nothing worse than not having a customer’s access to a business’s contact information.

When uploading your email address or phone number to the site, do not upload this information as a screenshot.The email address or phone number must be clickable or copied from the page and can be used quickly and easily.Almost all smartphones these days have “click to call” capabilities. So don’t miss this opportunity.

Don’t want your phone to ring too much? Then use the email address. But be sure to reply to emails at the right time.

And be sure to use the email address on your domain. Using a public email address like Gmail, or worse, yahoo and so on … is not professional at all and you want to look professional.

Menu clear and easy

A map without a guide is useless and a website without a comfortable menu will be useless.

Make sure you use logical and understandable names for the different pages of your business website. Contact us, about us, FAQs and more. Using metaphorical and coded names will only keep users away from you.

When you want to create or expand your site’s menu system, you should consider making it available quickly. What do you want people to do on your site?

Order? Email for information on the price of goods and services? Join your site? Come to your store building? Contact customer service representative? … you have to make your goals clear and clear.

10 key features for a good business website
10 key features for a good business website

Put yourself in the position of those who are logged into your business website, what do they want to do? Think about the goals of your potential customers. Add active items to your site so customers can easily do what you want them to do.


When you’re selling online, you should try to cover up your site’s security with an SSL license. SSL encrypts communications between you and your customers (Such as credit card numbers, etc.), which reduces their fear of disclosing such information, as in the Web environment such identity theft is very common.

Social Media Integration

Twitter, Facebook and …. There are so many social pages on the Internet that you can, and it is best to have your pages on your website, as social media is a vital part of marketing your business.

Integrating social pages into your website helps you rank higher in search engines as well as keeping track of your business on the social web, in addition to helping you gain customers.Is it worthwhile to have an active presence on multiple social pages?Yes – As long as you keep your content up to date, your brand can stay in everyone’s mind and your customers will always be following you.Social pages won’t be gone anytime soon, so it’s worth investing in now and that will make a difference.

Mobile & Tablet Compatibility

Smartphones and tablets have a large share of web traffic, and as mobile phones continue to get cheaper, the number of people using them is increasing.Currently, 70% of the work is done within an hour through mobile sites, meaning that people are often targeted on the web.For example, they want to do something, buy or turn around.If one searches for a particular restaurant on these smartphones, they are likely to eat in the same restaurant within the next hour. So it’s best to have your website readable on smartphones.

10 key features for a good business website
10 key features for a good business website

For the past two years, business website designing meant designing for a computer, but now it means designing anything to do with the internet,Like laptops, tablets and smartphones, all of which have different display sizes. So how can you do that? With Responsive Design.

Responsive business website design enables you to use variable widths so that your website layout, with any viewer through it is searched.Adapt. You can enter an HTML code so that the sidebar occupies only 20% of the page width.And the remaining 80% is dedicated to the main body of the website. So designs are customizable and images are scalable, so you can have a better web experience with thousands of tools and tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

People have a lot of questions. When you hear customer concerns and problems and receive feedback via email, gather common questions and give them clear solutions and brief answers.

Questions often include the sex of the goods and ingredients (for allergy reasons), shipping information, company history, clothing size, and cancellation or reference rules.

Very good hosting

Take Hosting seriously. In order to have a good hosting service, you need to go for high bandwidth and high quality service that will definitely cost you a lot.Not having a good hosting can cost you a lot of other ways.A slow site is frustrating and also disgusting when a page is not loaded, And both of these can discourage the customer.But beyond annoying your customer and increasing your bounce rate,Since many search engine algorithms measure the page loading speed Poor hosting can also affect your rankings in search engines.

Features you don’t need:


Flash animation

Everything that plays automatically whether it’s music or video

Extra info, photos, and videos (these will only slow down your page load)

Why does every business need a website?