7 Important Benefits of Starting a Customer Club (Customer Loyalty Program)

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7 Important Benefits of Starting a Customer Club (Customer Loyalty Program):

1- Establishing a customer club and increasing sales

This increase in sales is not due to an increase in the customer but due to the purchase of more loyal customers and an important and proven principle in marketing:

“Your (old) fixed customers spend on average 67% more money than new customers in your business”

So if you can encourage 100 old customers to come back in, it’s just like you sold your product or service to about 167 new customers,The higher your customer loyalty percentage, the more sales you will have. This is the best reason for trying to loyalty customers.

2. The customer club should reduce the cost of advertising

You know that the cost of attracting a new customer is 5 to 11 times the cost of keeping an old customer, so if you assume you need 10 million dollars to attract 10 new customers, With exactly the same amount of money you can encourage and repurchase at least 50 old customers, with customer loyalty and repurchasing you can hope that this customer will buy from you again and again, while guaranteeing a new customer, There is no “who buys you first” (unless you have a policy to loyal new customers !!!)

3. Reduce labor costs and save time

Suppose you want to do the following three things yourself:

Register customer details and contact information at check-in time

Texting the customer’s birthday and different occasions

Contact customers and conduct surveys

This is probably only 10% of the service a client club software provides, but you have to admit that these simple things (if they are to be done in a neat and orderly way) require a great deal of time and manpower. An intelligent customer club system automatically and easily provides you with these features.

4- Customer Club Surprises your customer

Using Gamification to design and launch a customer club, you can easily surprise your customers by automatically creating and sending attractive offers, Customers will be loyal to your system over time by using scoring systems and giving them more credit and rating in return for earlier, more referrals and more purchases.

With gift cards and Rewards and customer information, you will be reminded time and again of your customer.

5. Creating diverse sales policies

Designing a sales policy is one of the most efficient tools of a professional customer club, suppose you sell a product for $ 300,000 and sell it for $ 100,000, and you can get 10% off the price. Give the customer credit as a discount, In this case, the customer gets 30,000 USD and you earn 70,000 USD.

 Benefits of Starting a Customer Club
Benefits of Starting a Customer Club

Now if you can get 17% off the purchase of two of these products you are both satisfied and the customer. In the latter case the customer has received 102 thousand USD and you have earned 98 thousand USD.

Note that with the credit of 102,000 Tomans the customer’s incentive to refer back will be even greater.

6- Direct and indirect customer marketing for your business

Designing and running a customer club and giving the customer a Loyalty Card, in turn, is a competitive advantage over your competitors, creating a win-win interaction for you and the customer that makes the customer benefit from Remind you of others, In addition, many customers are willing to consciously market and introduce new customers to your business for the benefit of you.

Providing an application in conscious marketing and offering good rewards for introducing new customers will in addition to increase your customers, will also lead to more loyalty to older customers.

7 Important Benefits of Starting a Customer Club
Benefits of Starting a Customer Club

You can provide the conditions that the customer can use your services with your exciting resource !!!

7. Making a difference between customers based on their loyalty and profitability

Customer-centric principles say that such things as: type of customer welcome, type of dealing with customers, customer problem tracking model, and so on between different customers, whether financially (rich-money) or culturally ( Customers differed by race, culture, customs, and ages)But the Customer Club is where one must differentiate between different customers based on their loyalty.

By the way, the difference should be so that the customer can feel it, the more loyal to your business the more benefits and benefits.Note that this loyalty is not just about the amount paid by the customer, the number of times the customer visits, the distance between his referrals and the length of time he is your customer.

All are among the criteria for customer classification and their level of loyalty, and these benefits and benefits should be reflected not only financially but also in the type and quality of service you provide to the customer.

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