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How To Learn About Web Hosting In Only 10 Minuts

How To Learn About Web Hosting In Only 10 Minuts

Web Hosting is a space, which is provided on a server (powerful computer), to host files and software for websites. On one server, multiple websites can be hosted and host spaces are allocated to them.

You must be planning to set up a site for yourself as well, and after searching you will find that you need a host and domain to set up your site, But the question is which hosts to choose? which one is better ? What is the difference?

Why are the prices of each website different?How to trust server? In this post we are going to explain to you different types of web hosting so you can get the best web hosting services for your site.

Host types and how to choose the best ones

Types of Hosts

Generally there are currently two types of Linux and Windows hosts offered by web hosting service providers.Many users think that they should use Windows hosts because they use Windows operating system,We should say that your server operating system has nothing to do with your operating system and you do not have access to the server operating system at all.

You will be given a service management panel and you can manage all parts of your host.

Web Hosting
Web Hosting

Linux Host

Linux can support html, php, js programming languages, Linux supports php programming language much better than windows So websites that are programmed in php language should use Linux better.

The best control panels in the world, which are C Panel and Admin Direct, are only programmed for Linux, with approximately 90% of Iranian sites using Linux hosts.

Windows Host

Windows can support js, php, html and asp programming languages, since asp programming language is published by Microsoft Only Windows can support this language, so if your website’s programming language is asp, it can only be run on Windows hosts.There are currently few Iranian sites, usually government-owned, that use the service.

Which host to choose?

If this is your first time trying to buy a web site and you are almost unfamiliar with the web site, we suggest you use Linux services,Linux is very popular among users around the world, is more secure, easier to work with (because of the admin and C panel control panels), cheaper (due to its many free and open source packages) ,Content management systems such as WordPress or Joomla, which are highly reputable, are written in the PHP language, which is why you should use Linux for better performance and full support.

Which sites to choose?

By server location, that is where your server is located, server is the device where your website information is entered,The more visitors you have, the faster the website loads for users,So using Iran Host is the fastest way for your users, also using the European networks that are available to all users around the world is also a good option.

In our opinion, for new users who want to launch a website is the usual use of host services in the country.

Host types by service type

Shared Hosting: In this type of service on a dedicated or virtual server to a certain number of users (depends on the power of the server) Hosts are created that each have access to their own site, all of the services called web hosting or web hosting are shared,Subscription costs are much lower, the security of these services is good, but it is not recommended for highly reputable sites, as there are many other sites on one server.The cost of this service is usually around $ 100,000 per year.

Virtual server: Dividing a dedicated server into multiple servers, virtual servers, or vps, is said to be a much faster security service than sometimes shared hosting,The service is recommended for high-profile, important websites and sites that need more security, usually costing around $ 150,000 a month.

Dedicated server: In this service, your site is hosted on a server that is completely at your disposal, which means no other site will be uploaded to your server,This way you can use all the server resources like CPU, RAM and hard drive,The service has the most power and security, but it costs a great deal, about 500 to 2 million USD per month.

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