How to make money online or create a website?

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How to make money online or create a website?

Ways to Make Money by Launching a Website? It’s not just selling products. In fact, there are several ways to make money online, one of which is setting up an online store.

We can say that practices such as inserting ads and providing special services to website users are the most important ways to make money for small and regular websites.


One of the most common ways to monetize a website is to attract and insert ads. Many of the world’s small and large websites make the most of their revenue by attracting ads and displaying them on various pages.Internet ads are divided into several main categories: banner ads, text ads, ad reporting, video ads, and email ads.

Banner Ads

You’ve probably seen on various websites that sections at the top, bottom or side of the website are dedicated to displaying rectangles that introduce and promote a particular product or websites.

These rectangles are called banners.Banners are either a fixed or moving image. You can get banner ads directly, or use the services of companies that advertise and advertise.

How to make money online or create a website?
How to make money online or create a website?

Fortunately, several Iranian companies provide such services to owners of various blogs and websites.

Banner ads usually come in two forms: “Pay Per View” or “Pay Per Click”.In pay-per-view, you are paid by how often your website is displayed.

In the pay-per-click method, however, it doesn’t matter how many times users see the ad, but how many clicks the ad will have.In the second way, monetization depends on the number of clicks on the ad displayed.

If you recruit ads directly, you may receive an amount from the advertiser for a specified period of time (e.g., one month).

Textual advertisement

As their name implies, text ads are only limited to text and have no images at all. A text ad usually includes the ad’s title, a brief description of it, and a link to the advertiser’s page.

The cost of text ads (and therefore its revenue) is less than banner ads. You can also direct banner ads like text ads or use the services of intermediary companies between viewers and advertisers.

Interestingly, many leading companies around the world, such as Google, act as mediators of text ads. Fortunately for this type of advertising, several Iranian companies also provide intermediary services between advertisers and advertisers. Text ads, like banner ads, are usually “pay per view” or “pay per click”.

Ad Reports

In this way, as a webmaster, you create specialized, user-friendly content and try to advertise for that particular product or company. This ad may be in the form of an advertiser link or a description of their services or products.

When writing such ads, it should be noted that it is appealing to the user not to give him or her a sense of reading an ad.Suppose you set up a website to teach “cooking”.

If your content is well received, then you can talk to a culinary training institute or even a restaurant, introducing their users to interesting and readable text.

How to make money online or create a website?
How to make money online or create a website?

Video ads

With the advent of social media and video sharing networks, a new way of advertising has emerged on internet websites.

This allows you to create various user-friendly video files that you have created in connection with your website activity,Share to your site or other sites. In the meantime, you can include the name or URL of the advertiser in different parts of your video.

Some of the most popular video file sharing websites like YouTube allow you to place various links to the video file running on the user system.

Email advertising

This method of advertising has a very long history. Many popular websites – which have a lot of user friendly content – use this method for monetization.Suppose your website publishes a day on “Weight Loss and Fitness Practices”.

If so, many users may become members of your website and access the emails of thousands of active users.This way, you can send an email to these users once a week with an ad related to the theme of your website.

For example, you could advertise a fitness equipment retailer or a nutritionist and email it to your readers.Since the target spectrum is usually well known in this form of advertising, this method is highly effective.

Collaboration in sales system

The proliferation of sites and blogs has led many large online stores to come up with new ways to promote their products and sell more.

How to make money online or create a website?
How to make money online or create a website?

In what is termed “sales system collaboration”,The web site’s main website provides code to small websites and blogs to place them in various sections of their website or blog.

This way, every time a user visits these websites and blogs, they see ads from the seller’s site products or services.Each time a user clicks on one of these ads and goes to the main website of the store to make a purchase, a percentage of their purchase is deposited into the ad display website.

A number of Iranian companies are also active in cybersecurity and serve the owners of websites and blogs. Just sign up for one of these websites, monetize your website or blog.

Special Membership: If you have a good pen or can provide information about your users’ interests, using a special membership method can be a good source of revenue for your website.(Remember, copying content from other sites is not the right way to reduce your search engine rankings).

How to make money online or create a website?
How to make money online or create a website?

In this way, you make most of your content available to all users, but you only share some content with your specific users.Thus, in order to access this special content, people must pay monthly or yearly fees as a subscription fee.

For example, suppose you are a professional gamer and have good information about all kinds of up-to-date games.

If so, you can put the information in these games on the website you created, but make specific information such as cheat codes or other user-friendly content such as this only available to your specific users.

Many content management systems, such as WordPress or Joomla, provide site administrators with the ability to define a specific level of access for each of their website’s content.

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