Website design is not just coding!

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Website design is not just coding!

Many people mistakenly think site design is just coding and programming! But a site designer has other important things to do. Here are some important things to remember:

First: Needs Assessment (the most important part of the project)

It means you have to find out what kind of company, organization or business you are going to design for your website.

Certainly the website of a government agency will be very different from the website of Company X in Iran. If the website is to be updated on a daily basis, then dynamic programming and data base should be behind it.

But if the website is to be updated 3 times a year, the design should be static.

Important: You need to know that what keeps a business going and thriving is customer satisfaction. Make sure your best customers are the ones who are introduced to you by your satisfied customers.

From the marketing point of view, the best type of advertising is word of mouth. So try to find the customer’s real need and design and prepare exactly what he needs.Just because your specialty is asp.

net programming, you should not suggest to all your customers that you have a dynamic website.

Website design is not just coding!
Website design is not just coding!

Second: Instrumentation

You need to know what software or programs to use and what kind of programming language to use for this website. For a company whose job is to produce baby-friendly products, you need to design a website that uses Flash.

You may find out during this step that you need programming that you are not aware of to build the website you want, but do not sacrifice your ignorance to do a cleaner job, Be sure, even if you do not do it, it is better to have it delivered or not delivered at the customer’s request.

But the time comes when you refuse to do anything. Make no mistake, this is not the time when you have learned all the programming languages.

It is a time when you are full of experienced programmers and designers with knowledge in all fields. The advantage of this is that if you limit the tasks to yourself, your workload will soon be filled, but the tasks can be done in groups. To be sure, this is a much better way.

Website design is not just coding!
Website design is not just coding!

Third: Proposal preparation

After the above three steps, it is time to prepare Proposal. The biggest problem for customers is that they do not know exactly what kind of website they need and what kind of image they need.

After reviewing the business and the customer’s wishes by giving them a Prposal, you have assisted her in choosing her wishes.

Find similar sites for his work in Iran and internationally, and let him get a better view of the issue by visiting the websites above.

Try to get pre-made proposals for different tasks beforehand and only customize them for each project according to the specifics of that project.

Fourth: Design implementation

After the contract comes to implementation, most of our talk is about how to build a site template or template. The way I am going to talk to you today is for business websites (both static and dynamic).

What are the different types of website designing methods?