What could be a Client Club?

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What is a Customer Club?

Many companies are investing a great deal of money in building relationships with their customers. Customer Relationship Management, One-to-One Marketing and Increasing Customer Relationships are a number of strategies.

That companies use to attract and retain customers. Another approach is to attract customers and build loyalty by providing value beyond the intrinsic value of the goods or services offered to them.

Such services are provided at the Customer Club. In which, close relationships with the customer are established and managed.

German companies are the inventors of customer loyalty clubs. At present, German law is severely restrictive and almost impossible,Which apply a different discount simply because of different customer groups.

German marketers have to create customer clubs primarily for non-financial interests.Hundreds of clubs in Germany and elsewhere around the world are striving to create loyalty to their customers by offering emotional benefits, discounted value added services and programs.

The Client Club, as a unit of communication with individuals or organizations, is created and operated by an organization in order to establish direct and regular communication between these members.

The goal of the customer club is to enable customers and increase their loyalty by building an emotional relationship with them.

What is a Customer Club?

This has been widely accepted in the marketing literature that long-term customers are more profitable than temporary customers.The basis for the establishment of customer clubs is also based on this logic.

Because it has been proven that the more loyal the customer is and the more retained it will be, the greater the profit for the organization.

In the meantime, in order to find out about the club, there is a need for proper advertising to introduce it. The more widely publicized the clubs, the more popular they are and the more popular they become.

The programs run by customer clubs are that they give all buyers the same rewards without distinction. Even for those who have unfaithful behavior.

Client clubs can be seen as one of the types of relational marketing activities. That can have different effects on customer relationships with the organization.

Today’s companies find themselves more in a position where management systems need to create specialized customer retention.

What is a Customer Club?

There are two major reasons for this: On the one hand, the cost of acquiring new customers in the highly competitive markets is increasing substantially;On the other hand, the profitability of a particular customer will always increase during the time of the business relationship.

Customer clubs are one of the comprehensive strategic tools that companies use to retain customers.

A customer club is viewed as an appropriate infrastructure to increase the frequency of interactions between the company and the customer by providing opportunities for customer interaction and feedback.

The main purpose of customer clubs is to increase the organization’s knowledge of the customer, and since the customer signs up for the club, following any contact made with him,The organization receives detailed information about the members’ personal status, interests and the structure of their request.

Customer engagement for joining the club depends on whether the club offers distinct advantages.There are several steps to creating an effective customer club.

The first step is to define the goals of the club and then identify the target groups and then define the interests of the organization in the context of the organization.

2. Goals of the club: First, the goals of the club must be clearly defined. Of course, the main goal of a client club is to increase profit and market share.

Other important goals of the customer club include customer retention, recruiting new customers, building a strong customer database, supporting other departments by providing information or access to information, and creating opportunities for communication between the organization and its customers.

Target Groups: The main target group of customer clubs should be your most important customers, the customers that make up the bulk of your business,Because building these relationships is the most important factor for your future success.

Smaller (less important) and potential (potential) customers should not be excluded from the club,But your main focus should be on developing a program that fits the needs of your core customers.

However, other customers will also benefit from such a program, but according to this concept, target them to meet their specific needs.Deciding whether to set your target groups depends largely on the goals of the club.

3.The benefits of the club: The heart and soul of the client club are the benefits that exist.Choosing the right interests will help the club succeed. Benefits should be of high perceived value to club members.

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